Technology proves to be an asset when all systems are operational or work in the desired manner. However, when a system slows down or shows signs of a performance lag, it can not only trigger delays or financial loses, but can also lead to frustration on the part of a user. Nothing exemplifies this fact better than a printing hardware from Hewlett Packard (HP).

While a user can take care of some of the issues, others necessitate professional help from an authorized service center such as HP Printer Repair Memphis. Given below is a list of top five snags related to printing hardware from HP which may necessitate a user to head towards an authorized service center.

The printer takes too long to produce the desired number of printouts

When a printer takes a long time to churn out prints than the duration it usually takes to get the job done, it can make one hit the wall with one’s project. This happens particularly when one works with a tight deadline.

From an issue with drivers or memory to high-resolution setting, there can be numerous problems that can keep your printer hardware from humming along.

One way to minimize the chances of getting this issue is to have your printer in simplex mode unless you need a considerably higher quality of print for official use. Additionally, you can also try updating printer drivers on a device. If nothing else works, the wise idea would be to wheel your printer to HP printer repair service in Memphis for a resolution to the issue.

Paper gets stuck into the printer rollers

Your printer looks to be in good condition but performs terribly. Paper jams – the worst of all printer issues – slow down your productivity and makes your image appear unprofessional to clients. Can you resolve this complex issue on your own? Well, yes, you can try out a few tricks of the trade such as taking a closer look at the paper path, setting papers straight without tearing any of them.

As it happens with printers on numerous occasions, a piece of paper can get stuck between the rollers. If you wish to do the job on your own, it is recommended that you should only proceed with the steps in this connection if you are sure about it. Where would you get the requisite information from? You can either follow the control panel instructions or refer to the information given in the user manual of the product. If the issue still persists, without any further delay, think about reaching out to a professional technician from HP printer repair service in Memphis.

Poor quality of prints

Do you see faded prints with poor image quality or smudges in the finished printouts?  This is a serious issue with printing which can spoil the neat look of the best of the documents. Whenever you encounter this situation, the first thing you should do is check out if you have selected the wrong media or paper. Also, make sure that you only load the type of paper which you have chosen in the printer driver.

Also, keep an eye out for any damage to the imaging units, toner cartridges. If the damage is beyond repair, then you may feel the need of knocking the door of the nearest service center for a printer in Memphis.  You may also feel the need for HP printer repair Parts in Memphis to resolve the issue.

Whenever your printer acts up and starts showing any one out of the three issues discussed above, think about heading to a recognized service center instead of taking a chance by trying to fix it on your own.